Juliet Anderson

My personal homage to a

woman I admired and loved.....

We had sex on camera for Robin & Angela which led to becoming “fucking friends” which led to Juliet becoming my assistant which led to, her words, “we will always be friends.” And we were, after the lovemaking ended we were still friends who had a lot of history together.

Juliet was Classy, Sassy. and a take charge woman which made her a great assistant.

    Below is a collection of pix that start with the model Polaroid I took the day I met her at age 39 and goes to the last pix I took at age 70. I’ve included some images she gave me that date from before she entered the biz. Knowing Juliet, I’m sure she would like her fans to see how beautiful she was then with her long hair.

Hint:  Zoom IN using your Browser to see these slides BIGGER.