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“I did it for the love of porn”


Porn History? Everything on this site is porn history including the best of the Golden Age.

A true pioneer of porn... I was at ground zero of the porn explosion holding the match.

    There is a novel titled The Shy Pornographer that I haven't read, instead I lived the life of the REAL shy pornographer.

    This is a very personal website that grew out of the experiences this shy guy had and the porn I created. I was an integral part of the porn biz from before the first hardcore publication [which I shot] till the end of The Golden Age of Porn during which I was the best selling and most innovative magazine photographer.

    Among my innovations:

Starting a new trend with the Connoisseur Series, the 1st all color, one story magazine. This was soon imitated by others including myself doing similar mags for several clients; my stuff sold well, what can I say.

To live the 'porn model' fantasy I had since jacking off to porn at age 11 I dreamed up POV in 1971. Later with the help of assistants [most notably my good friend Juliet Anderson] who shot angles I couldn't see from my POV perspective I created a series called LET'S PRETEND to showcase my own adventures in modeling; That’s 2 more firsts in porn.

I've loved porn as a user since 11 and later as a creator so I know it intimately from both sides.It has been the fantasy of porn and the life I lived creating it that I refer to when asked  "how did you get into the business" with "by just following my cock." That is Paul's fantasy and I didn't do for the money but for the 'Love of Porn' and, of course, to get laid.

The Match That Ignited IT: The first hardcore publication ever sold in American adult bookstores.

Paul Johnson with his iconic photo of Juliet Anderson

Photo: M Joseph Schaller PhD

Images & text copyrighted: Paul Johnson

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This web site is a work in progress and will inform about other works in progress which will come available when completed. These will be venues to tell my personal stories as photographer, model and “shy horndog” in the great “Candy Store” that the porn world was to me.

Dedicated to all the lovely women who lived my fantasies with me.

Annette Haven chose John Leslie early in her career to co-star in this magazine shot & written by me.

I wanted to be the guy in the picture since I was 11.  This was my realization of that porn star fantasy.

An Autobiographical Account of the Adventures in the

Golden Age of Porn

of the Real Shy Pornographer

Paul Johnson

I learned the ropes of the biz as a JAYBIRD Photographer.

Taken on  a Japanese freighter in Long Beach Harbor with the Queen Mary in the background.